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Inspection Services

We have a variety of quality initiatives in place at Stellar Precision to ensure all of our products and services are delivered to meet the highest possible standards. We continuously invest in new state-of-the-art equipment and tracking systems that are focused on driving quality. Stellar’s in-house turnkey operation allows us to have full quality control.

Our employees are rewarded for quality improvements and scrap reductions. We are focused on transparency throughout the shop. We have procedures in place to constantly measure and track the cost and value of quality and what it means to you, including a video communication system that updates all day, in real-time, showing our employees the details of how we are performing.

Our focus on quality visibility does not stop once a project leaves our facility. Each part that ships to you comes with a complete data package that includes pedigreed material certifications and inspection reports.

We have an extensive documented and third party surveyed quality control inspection process. This process ensures that all products meet all of your requirements.

Stellar also has in-process inspections and statistical process control procedures in place that ensure quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. This monitoring allows us to be proactive rather than reactive, cutting time and costs related to quality, as well as quickly addressing any quality concerns.

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