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NDE Services

Non-Destructive Testing

Stellar’s NDT professionals are comprehensibly trained to handle nondestructive testing in a vast array of industries including: Commercial Aerospace, Military Aerospace, Commercial Nuclear Power Generation, Navy Nuclear Manufacturing, and custom testing based on customers specific requests.

Component Quality

With Stellar's AS9100: Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 Certifications, our in-house NDE testing provides guaranteed exceptional quality in safety, fitment, and part compliance. Customers can expect competitive costs, improved component quality, and reduced lead times compared to our competition.

In-House Laboratory

Stellar's in-house facility offers the advantages of lower cost and quick turnaround times without having to outsource Non-Destructive Testing for products that we are manufacturing.


In-House Testing and Inspection Equipment

Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnaflux H-Series 6000amp Full Wave DC horizontal bench unit (Wet, Fluorescent)

Magnetic Particle Yoke(s) (Dry Powder, Visible)

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Custom 4 Bay Liquid Penetrant inspection line for Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrants (Type 1, Method A)

Hydro Testing

Custom built proof testing unit

Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Automated Parts Washer/Degreaser

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